BSA Big End Bearing 350cc/500cc

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BSA Big End Bearing 350cc/500cc

Alloy cage


-1935-36 R35-5.R34-5.R20.Blue Star.Empire Star


-1932-35 W32-7.W33-7.W34-8.W35-7

-1932-35 W32-7.W33-8.W34-9.W35-8. 2 Port Blue Star

-1933-35 Special.W33-9.W34-10. W35-9.W35-10

-1936 Q8 Empire Star

Only applies up to engine No. D8391

-1936 Q7.Q21.New Blue Star

OD 2 1/8" OD of Bearing that fits in the conrod

Wide: ¾"

TOTAL Length fits in to the flywheels: 2 7/8"

Made in England