BSA Swinging Arm Clutch 4-spring A7/A10,B31,B32,B33,B34,Gold Star with alloy clutch pressure plate-with pushrod

42-0000/Alloy. complete Clutch
  • €489,96

BSA Clutch complete

Conversion Kit, from 6 to 4 spring S/arm,A7,A10, B31,B32,B33,B34, Gold Star.

This only fits swinging arm Mod.

Not suitable f. Rigid and Plunger Mod.

with Clutch Pushrod

4x 57-1931     4x 57-1560
4x 57-2526     1x 42-3267
1x 57-0420     1x 57-0524
5x cpl.24)57-1362   6x 57-1363 (cpl25)
1x 42-3235     1x 57-1549.s238)
20x 57-0394   4x 57-4754
1x 42-3170
1x 57-0986.alloy
1x 42-3274

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